Procedures and Documentation Procedures and Documentation

Procedures and Documentation

Check-List for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of passport

    • Current Passport along with the self-attested copies of the first and the last pages of the

Passport, i.e., pages having applicant’s personal details and pages with any observation(s).

Check-List for Issue of New Passport in lieu of Lost / Stolen / Damaged Passport

  • Police Report regarding lost or stolen passport
  • Photocopy of lost / damaged passport
  • Residence Permit / Proof of entry into Togo (If not available then a No visa undertaking form as given in ANNEXURE II  pdf
  • In case of photocopy of Lost passport is not available then documents establishing Indian identity, such as, copy of Indian Driving License, PAN card, Ration card, Election ID Card etc. (the IDs furnished should preferably be issued by Government of India or other Indian authorities like the State Governments etc.)
  • Declaration as in ANNEXURE III pdf
  • Declaration as in ANNEXURE IV pdf
  • Personal Particulars form, as in ANNEXURE-I Personal particular form.pdf
  • Company declaration Letter / Proof of Address in Togo.
  • Letter from the applicant addressed to the Embassy of India Lomé explaining how the passport was lost/ damaged.

Check List for Re-issue of Passport for a minor child (below 15 years)

Note: A separate passport must .be obtained by every individual including a new born or minor child. It is necessary that the child is in Togo at the time of application. It is illegal to apply for a passport for an individual not currently in Togo.

  • Copy of first and last pages of the current passport.
  • Photocopy of Father's and Mother's Passport (first and last pages)
  • Residence Permit
  • Declaration by Parents for issue of passport to minor as in ANNEXURE Vpdf 
  • Declaration as in ANNEXURE IV  pdf
  • Declaration / Affidavit of Change of Appearance for minor as in Annexure VI   pdf

Check List for Fresh Passport for a Child born in Togo

Children born in Togo to Indian parents (either one or both Indian citizens) are eligible to apply for Indian passport after obtaining Birth certificate from the Togolese authorities. Thereafter Registration of Birth of Child must be done online as stated below. Take print of the online Birth Registration and Fresh Passport applications and submit it to the Embassy of India Lomé. Child’s presence at Embassy of India Lomé is not mandatory. At least one of the parents has to come to the Embassy of India Lomé in person for submitting the application.

Birth Registration

Children born in Togo must be registered as Indian citizen within one year of his/her birth.  At least one of the parents must be an Indian citizen at the time of applying. In case one year has elapsed since the birth of child, an affidavit needs to be submitted stating that the child has not acquired foreign nationality. Local authorities should also confirm non-acquisition of Togolese nationality by the child.

In case more than seven years have elapsed since the birth of the child, the matter would have to be referred to relevant authorities in India.

Documents required for registration of birth:

  • Original Birth Certificate issued by the local authorities
  • Complete the online registration form (Form I) for Indian citizenship for minor Indian children on the link: externaland submit the print out
  • Photocopy of Father's and Mother's Passport (first and last pages)
  • Residence Permit of parent’s
  • Copy of parent’s marriage certificate/Affidavit in lieu of Marriage certificate APPENDIX I pdf (in case spouse name is not in their passport)

Issuance of Fresh Passport to newly born child

  • Copy of the birth certificate issued by the Embassy (if birth registration and passport application are not submitted simultaneously)
  • Declaration as in ANNEXURE IV pdf
  • Declaration by Parents for issue of passport to new born – ANNEXURE Vpdf 
  • Child out of wedlock - Children born to parents (both Indian passport holders) who are not married to fill in Affidavit for ‘Child born out of wedlock’ (ANNEXURE III pdf) and submit with supporting documents
  • Child of a Single Parent – ANNEXURE III pdf in replacement of ANNEXURE V  pdf

Re-Issue of Passport with Change in Personal Particulars like Change of Name, Splitting of name into given name and surname:

In case of change of name (major change/full name) at the time of re-issue of passport, following documents are required:

  • Copy of first and last pages of the current passport.
  • Copy of the current valid Togolese visa / Residence Permit.
  • Clipping of the newspaper published in the last 1 month both in Togo and India or Gazette notification of the concerned State Government (Advert should be in English/Hindi language)
  • Two IDs/documents issued by Government authorities in India, in the new name of the applicant (if applicable)
  • At least two public/school documents issued in the name to ascertain that the applicant has actually changed his name (if applicable)
  • In case of NRI applicants and their dependent family members who have been staying abroad on long term permanent or work visa/permit, two public documents issued by the local government /school/educational institution where the student is enrolled may be accepted. This would not be applicable for temporary residents and visitors from India or third countries
  • Sworn Affidavit for change of Name as in ANNEXURE IX. pdf
  • Declaration as in ANNEXURE IV  pdf
  • Personal Particulars form, as in ANNEXURE-I Personal particular form.pdf
  • Company declaration Letter.
  • A letter written by applicant justifying the complete/substantial name change.

Re-Issue of Passport following Change of Name after Marriage, remarriage or divorce

Following marriage, remarriage or divorce, except details provide by the applicant in the application, no proof of marriage/dissolution of marriage or any court orders /decree is required in the following cases:

a. An applicant applying for re-issue of passport for incorporation of the name of his/her spouse

b. A woman applying for change of name/surname in existing passport due to marriage

c. Divorcees applying for change of name or for deletion of spouse’s name in passport

d. Re-married applicants applying for change of name/spouse’s name in passport

Documents required along with the application:

  • Copy of first and last pages of the current passport.
  • Residence Permit.

Re-issue of passport due to change in Address

In case of change of address in India, any of the following documents are accepted as Proof of Residence:

(a) Aadhaar Card/e-Aadhar/Letter containing Unique Aadhar number

(b) Applicant’s current and valid Ration Card

(c) Driving License

(d) Duly certified/attested extract of the service record/book of the Government employees (serving/retired) or the bonafide certificate issued by the employer in respect of serving Government employees

(e) Election Commission Photo ID card

(f) Electricity / Water/Telephone (landline/postpaid mobile bill) Bill

(g) Employer Certificate on letterhead from reputed and widely known companies

(h) Gas Connection Bill

(i) Income Tax Assessment Order

(j) Marriage Certificates issued by the Registrar of Marriages along with address proof of spouse in respect of newly married women (Affidavit in lieu of Marriage certificate APPENDIX I pdf)

(k) Parents’ passport and parents’ address proof in case of minors

(l) Passport of son/daughter in case of dependent parents

(m) Photo Passbook of running Bank Account (Scheduled Public Sector Banks, Scheduled Private Sector Indian Banks and Regional Rural Banks only)

(n) Proof of address issued by the India Post, Department of Posts

(o) Rent Agreement

(p) Spouse’s passport copy

Re-issue of passport due to change in appearance

This also applies to Sikh applicants who want to change from turbaned image to clean shaven image or vice versa

  • Declaration as in ANNEXURE X pdf (In case of Change of appearance of adult)


The EMERGENCY CERTIFICATE services of the embassy of India, Lomé is temporarily delegated to the high commission of India in Accra. For any EMERGENCY CERTIFICATE needs, please go to the official website of the high commission: external to get more information.

For more information about the EMERGENCY CERTIFICATE of the mission, go through this link external

Processing Time:

If you are an Indian national and if your complete passport particulars are not available in our data base, this service is rendered after obtaining the confirmation/clearance from the original Passport Issuing Authority and it may normally take up to 45 days.

In case of foreign nationals, this service is rendered normally within 3 working days after receipt of application, subject to fulfilment of all documentation required.

Note: Apart from the general mandatory requirements mentioned above, applicant may be advised to submit additional documents, after scrutiny, on case-to-case basis.


Annexure IX: Affidavit for change of name pdf

ANNEXURE VII: Affidavit for Child born out of wedlock  pdf

Appendix I: Affidavit in lieu of Marriage Certificate  pdf

Annexure VI: Declaration for Change of appearance (Minor)  pdf

Annexure X: Declaration for Change of appearance (Adult)  pdf

Annexure II: Undertaking for Non- valid visa  pdf

Annexure VIII: Declaration by applicant’s parent or guardian for issue of passport to minor when one parent has not given consent  pdf

Annexure V: Declaration by applicant’s parent(s) or guardian for issue of passport to minor  pdf

Annexure-IV: Declaration of the applicant on a plain paper  pdf

Annexure III: Declaration of applicant for obtaining a passport in lieu of Lost/ Damaged Passport  pdf

Annexure I.: Personal Particulars Form pdf